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US-1026482-A: Paper-slitting machine. patent, US-1026852-A: Automatic train stop and signal. patent, US-1026885-A: Gas-furnace for heating, scaling, and hardening purposes. patent, US-1027810-A: Railway-locomotive. patent, US-1029051-A: Parade-torch. patent, US-1029839-A: Actuating mechanism for work-supports. patent, US-102989-A: Improvement in warp-stand for loom patent, US-1031220-A: Loose-leaf device. patent, US-1031229-A: Mole-trap. patent, US-1032160-A: Station-indicating device. patent, US-103230-A: Improvement in electro-magnets patent, US-1032933-A: Tool-directing machine. patent, US-103309-A: Improvement in machines for burring wool patent, US-1033183-A: Sleigh-runner. patent, US-1033539-A: Track-scraper for street-railway cars. patent, US-1033985-A: Rotary motor. patent, US-103598-A: Improvement in lamp-burners patent, US-1036204-A: Lifting-jack. patent, US-1036502-A: System of developing natural power for industrial purposes. patent, US-1037280-A: Apparatus for removing lye from fabrics. patent, US-1037424-A: Apparatus for purifying air. patent, US-103748-A: Improvement in car-couplings patent, US-1037645-A: Builder for ring-spinning frames. patent, US-1039036-A: Blowpipe. patent, US-1039814-A: Toy whistle. patent, US-1039857-A: Spring-wheel. patent, US-1040543-A: Centrifugal pump. patent, US-104064-A: Improved door-hanger patent, US-1040751-A: Turret-slide-operating mechanism for automatic turret-lathes. patent, US-1040770-A: Nose-clip for eyeglasses. patent, US-1041420-A: Sanitary support. patent, US-1041586-A: Sewing-machine. patent, US-1041924-A: Sheet-metal tile. patent, US-1042175-A: Pipe-wrench. patent, US-1042503-A: Internal-combustion engine. patent, US-1042741-A: Bench-plane. patent, US-1043571-A: Resilient wheel. patent, US-1043794-A: Monorail-car. patent, US-1044031-A: Method of causing artificial respiration. patent, US-1044217-A: Squirrel-cage rotor. patent, US-1044251-A: Knockdown shipping-crate. patent, US-1044890-A: Elastic fabric. patent, US-1045626-A: Terminal for branch lines of different cross-section. patent, US-1046363-A: Suspenders. patent, US-104668-A: Improvement in pegging-machines patent, US-1046857-A: Sap-bucket cover. patent, US-1046911-A: Sanitary cuspidor. patent, US-104694-A: Improvement in lime-spreader patent, US-1047325-A: Non-reffillable bottle. patent, US-1048378-A: Reamer. patent, US-1048829-A: Meat-holder. patent, US-1049302-A: Process of forming bag-frames. patent, US-1049555-A: Arc-lamp. patent, US-1049909-A: Safety-razor. patent, US-1050354-A: Process of preparing isoprene. patent, US-1050943-A: Eyeglass-mounting. patent, US-1051264-A: Railway signaling system. patent, US-1051571-A: Match-machine. patent, US-1052451-A: Lifting-jack. patent, US-105278-A: Improvement in car-couplings patent, US-105382-A: Improvement in presses for perforating shoe-tips patent, US-1055179-A: Safety device for the cages of lifts and hoists. patent, US-1055428-A: Clasp for holding ribbon-bows. patent, US-1056190-A: Self-locking cotter-pin. patent, US-2005270673-A1: Parabolic reflector patent, US-1058295-A: Wrench for nut-locks. patent, US-1059154-A: Combined blotter-holder and ruler. patent, US-1059792-A: Mail-bag catcher. patent, US-1059828-A: System for vehicle control. patent, US-1060319-A: Mortar-mixer. patent, US-1060363-A: Vending-machine. patent, US-1060618-A: Photographic-printing mask. patent, US-1060978-A: Apparatus for igniting miners' safety-lamps. patent, US-1061225-A: Therapeutic device for utilizing radiant energy. patent, US-1061418-A: Conducting-pipe. patent, US-1061668-A: Apparatus for controlling the artificial blast in locomotives. patent, US-1061693-A: Fountain-pen. patent, US-1061847-A: Means for preventing the backward propagation of flame. patent, US-1062546-A: Broom-sewing machine. patent, US-1062581-A: Nut-lock. patent, US-1063192-A: Razor-stropping device. patent, US-106383-A: Improvement in galvanic batteries patent, US-1063867-A: Forged car-truck side frame. patent, US-1063992-A: Winding-machine. patent, US-1064403-A: Type-writing machine. patent, US-1064629-A: Lock-nut. patent, US-1064631-A: Mop. patent, US-1065634-A: Pneumatic action for automatic playing mechanism. patent, US-1065706-A: Stench-trap. patent, US-1066053-A: Type-writing machine. patent, US-1066588-A: Voting-machine. patent, US-1066792-A: Gate. patent, US-1066961-A: Automatic cut-out for clock-synchronizing mechanism. patent, US-1067244-A: Lawn-mower. patent, US-1067315-A: Pump. patent, US-1067515-A: Invisible cigar-holder. patent, US-1067522-A: Lens-fastening for eyeglasses. patent, US-1068336-A: Revolving double-box cotton-press. patent, US-1068626-A: Lubricant-indicator for engine-crank cases. patent, US-1068669-A: Truck side frame. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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